From the Mountains

Coprinus Comatus – Inky Cap Mushrooms

Genus: Coprinus Species: C. comatus Toxicity: The mushroom can sometimes be confused with the magpie fungus which is poisonous. In America, the 'vomiter' mushroom Chlorophyllum molybdites is responsible for most cases of mushroom…
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Arisaema Triphyllum – Jack in the Pulpit

Genus: Arisaema Species: A. triphyllum Toxicity: The oxalic acid in jack-in-the-pulpit is poisonous if ingested.[5] Care should also be taken to avoid confusion with poison ivy, which has three leaflets somewhat similar in appearance.…
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Wild Columbine – Aquilegia canadensis

Genus: Aquilegia Toxicity: Can be highly toxic. Wiki:  Aquilegia canadensis (Canadian or Canada columbine, eastern red columbine, wild columbine) is an herbaceous perennial native to woodland and rocky slopes in…
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